Time for a valorization of Italy’s artistic treasures?

04 Oct Time for a valorization of Italy’s artistic treasures?


Florence, The Dome

I took the cue for this post from an article featured today on the Telegraph, announcing that former McDonald’s director has been appointed to commercialize Italy’s cultural heritage.

In a time when Italian Government, in an attempt to restore National budget is cutting lots of funds related to culture, education and research, this is great news. Italy is blessed with artistic treasures that could lead to incredible benefits for the entire community if properly managed. But so far most of them have been poorly run and to foreign visitors (well, also to many Italians) they appear neglected.


Venice, A View of the Canals

Lots of other countries have been applying marketing rules to museums and other monuments since very long. This is clearly visible when you visit the British Museum or the Louvre or the MOMA, just to mention a few institutions. Marketing is a great tool to boost culture and to ensure the future of artistic heritage.

Are we at last going to see a turning point? Let’s hope. Italy lost a lot of time and opportunities but… better late than never…

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