Musicians in their Traditional Costumes

Peru is an amazing country for culture, dramatic landscapes, variety, colors, handicrafts and people.

Peru traditional costumes are one of the most fascinating aspects of the country

I was so fascinated by their traditional costumes, an important part of Peruvian culture as they mark the differences between regional areas and how influences melted over time.


Women at the Market

The market is one of the most interesting places for observing people, and you won’t get short of them while crossing Peru. Here I got my eyes caught by the lovely big hats and the awesome decorations on the sleeves. And Peru also provides a large number of awesome handicrafts: beautiful and brightly colored cloths, carved seeds with scenes of daily life, lovely knitted woollen sweaters and hats with the traditional peruvian designs, and lots more.


Colorful Dancers

In the Colca Valley, I stepped in this group of dancers wearing amazing traditional costumes with wonderful colorful embroideries.

Despite being a poor country, Peru distinguishes itself for its beautiful handicrafts, first of all textiles.

A lovely little dancer waiving at me…


A Colorful Peruvian Little Child


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25 Responses

  1. Brigithe Alvarez

    Hi everybody! Thanks for wanting to visit Peru, I’m from Peru…
    and I’m very proud of my country… if you want to come here or ask me something about Peru just tell me.
    I’ll be happy to help you .

    • Simon

      Erin, Peru was one of the most beautiful countries I visited. So diverse and so interesting. I’m sure you’ll love it. And there are a few more pictures across the website if you’re interested in seeing a little more.

  2. Mac

    I like to travel to different places to know about the history and culture. The vivid images presented here are very colorful and I should appreciate how beautifully they have been snapped. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Camden Luxford

    Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Peruvian festivals are my favourite part of living in the country and you’ve captured them very well – little dancer’s my fave.

  4. Mark

    Peru has been on my “hot” list of countries to visit for a while! It now became even “hotter”, after seeing this beautiful spread of photos you’ve shared with us! The colors are fascinating, but beyond that, I love the way you set up and framed the shots! My favorite has to be the one of the young ladies with the large hats….very, very nice Simon!

  5. Jeremy B

    What a great job of capturing the culture and people! I love these photos! My sister-in-law is from Peru and so many people write about places like Lima and Machu Picchu. This shows a very different and personal side of the country. Without connecting with the culture, the sites don’t matter.

  6. Cam

    Great pics! We’ve got a similar one with the white church and the snowcapped Andes in the background. Although quite touristy, we really liked the little children dancing. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s where we purchased our Peruvian knitted hats. We were surprised when we learned that many of the “girl” dancers were actually little boys in dresses. Kinda funny 😉

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you so much, Jen. Peru is a wonderful country, where you never stop being surprised. I bet you’d fall in love with Peru! 🙂

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you so much. Peru is indeed an amazing country. I’m sure you would love it!

  7. The Girl In Orange

    So colorful, I really like them. I guess the differences alway melt away when we look at the bigger picture. We have more thigs in common than differences.

  8. Barbara Weibel

    Hi Simon: Beautiful photos that were of great interest to me, since Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia are on my list for next year. I would love to know where these photos were taken. Would help me greatly in my travel planning, since my site is all about culture. Thanks, Barbara

  9. Juno

    Beautiful color, people, photo!

    First time I saw traditional Peruvian clothes.. fascinating.
    We have wonderful peruvian restaurant near where I live. Food is amazing too! Just Gorgeous…

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you Juno. Indeed, colors are among the loveliest and most impressive things in Central/South America (at last to me). It’s amazing to see how such poor countries developed a fine taste and awesome handicrafts.

  10. ciki

    totally riveting! so beautiful i cannot peel my eyes away from the photos:) great job simon – rock on:)

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you! I take it like a great compliment because you do amazing photos (the ones you took in Borobudur are among my faves!). Hugs!

  11. lechua

    the people, culture, tradition – really interests me. those who still carry on their tradition and here seeing them in their traditional costumes – always an eyeopener. thanks for sharing!

    • waitinginthedark

      Hi Britt, thank you so much! You’re the first one to comment. That’s amazing! There’s still lots of work to be done, but it will come, day after day. I’m glad you like it. And if you have suggestions, they’re more than welcome! A big big hug!


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