Brazil Wild Beach in Cearà

Cearà homes wild and untamed beaches, fishermen and local life. There’s no glamour. Only the real spirit of Brazil

In the collective imaginary, sea and beaches are mostly evoking white sand,  crystal clear water and palms.  I don’t deny being under a spell when thinking at the Maldives or the Caribbean islands, but I’m more and more fascinated by wild, untamed beaches where the landscape seems infinite.

When I visited Cearà in Northern Brazil, I loved looking at the fishermen, working so hard, and admiring the colored wooden fishing boats quietly lying on the beach. In this region, the sea is first and foremost a symbol of life, the driver of the local simple economy. It’s a different way to experience the sea and the beaches, without glamour but full of humanity.


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  1. Monica

    Looking at this first thing in the morning makes me feel so peaceful even though it’s gloomy and pouring out my window. This is a great shot Simon.

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you Monica. Yes, it’s nice starting a day with something making us feel peaceful and ready to face the crazy rythms of our lives… 🙂

    • waitinginthedark

      Thanks David. I hope to be able soon to come and visit Malaysia and its beautiful beaches! 🙂


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