There’s nothing quite like the lure of pulling something from a tank just moments before it is cooked and you get to sink your teeth into it. It is primitive…wild really, and as you hammer away at the shelled crustacean you think to yourself, I could really get used to this.

Sabah Crabs

Sabah Crabs


Anyway, the Sabah crab looks a lot like the Sri Lankan Crab except that the flesh is far sweeter and tastier. You really need to try it to understand why we Malaysians get Wild Over Crabs. Just to give you a rough estimate on the size, we have included a photo of a human thumb vs. the crab claw. Is it not huge? Maybe one day you will visit my country and see why the mad craze over these huge shelled crustaceans!

Sabah Crabs... Huge Claws

Sabah Crabs… Huge Claws


Dining on the Sabah crab is an activity that many Malaysians hold in high esteem. It is a sheer man-versus-beast slopfest and when it is served it resembles a bowl of deep, murky, bright-red chili sauce out of which several crab legs and thick claws protrude. You enter the battle armed with two-pronged stainless steel picks, extra napkins, a small version of a chopping board and something that looks like a square metal hammer.

Sabah Crabs... A Heavely Culinary Experience

Sabah Crabs… A Heavely Culinary Experience


A plastic bag is placed on the chopping board for you to insert your crab claw, so you can smash the hell out of the shell, without getting bright orange sauce all over your nice Armani shirt as well as your neighbours. And if that is insufficient artillery for you, do what we locals always do… just use your God given enamels and go at it like a caveman. As you suck the life out of your crab like a lost soul, with guilty chili-stained hands, try not to look too deranged like you have just committed some gruesome murder but couldn’t remember how or why.

Sabah Crabs... A Yummy Dip in the Sauce

Sabah Crabs… A Yummy Dip in the Sauce


A great way to soak up all the remaining saucy goodness in the bowl is to use the deepfried bread as a sponge. Give it a good dunk into the sauce and let it suck up all the juices. The crust of the bread is a crispy golden brown and softens as you dip it in the sauce. Delicious!


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  1. YS

    This is what I am looking for. Hope this is in KL/PJ. Address please or blog link.

    • Simon

      Yup, I definitely would LOVE to eat those crabs! Best would be with you! :-)

  2. Clare Appleyard

    Ok, you’ve got me sold – I just HAVE to come to Malaysia to get a taste of these crabs! I’m wild about crabs too and I can’t bear the thought of seeing the delicious pictures without being able to taste them.
    Stunning pictures as always Mei!


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