Edinburgh Arthur's Seat

Enshroud by the many legends related to King Arthur, to which it owes its name, Arthur’s Seat┬áis the main peak of the group of hills forming Holyrood Park, from which the wanderers can enjoy a beautiful view on Edinburgh.

I was lucky enough to see Arthur’s Seat at sunset, strolling through Holyrood Park at the end of a lovely sunny day, and admiring the awesome shades of green and gold under a brilliant blue sky.


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  1. Neil

    Not often that a Glasgow lad will compliment Edinburgh but that’s a great shot, that’s greener than green! A very good climb it is too!

    • Simon

      LOL! Neil, I didn’t know that there was rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Glad you liked the photo!

  2. Ryan

    Ahhhh! This is amazing. I love Arthurian Myth and everything about the possible history of an actual King Arthur. My favorite author is Bernard Cornwell and he got me hooked on it. I can’t wait to see this one day, and maybe chase down some historical places involving Arthur as well.

    • waitinginthedark

      Thank you, Ryan! Mmm… Bernardo Cornwell… I had never heard about him. Looks interesting and will have a look. I’m always interested in new readings and discovering authors I have never heard about. Cheers!


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