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Cities, Culture and Art

Cities, Culture and Art / 02.08.2010

[caption id="attachment_3380" align="aligncenter" width="603"] Sydney Harbour NYE2010[/caption] A spontaneous, wild journey to Australia. 10 minutes to decide travelling to the other side of the world and feeling thrilled by the only thought of welcoming the New Year in Sydney. I wish I were able to fully capture the amazing ambience at Sydney Harbour, the huge crowd, the...

Cities, Culture and Art / 11.06.2010

No matter the country, language, religion or traditions, lots of people have something in common: they all feel citizens of the world. 'Borders' are first of all in our minds. When I think of “Beyond Borders” I imagine travel experiences when we are able to pass through the borders of language, culture, and nationality and experience a...