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Cities, Culture and Art

Cities, Culture and Art / 24.07.2015

Every country has its travel iconography and Burma ancient architecture is mostly identified with the gilded Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas in Yangon and Bagan's valley of temples. The beauty and richness of Bagan, however, is not only in the pagodas and hollow temples' beautiful structure and in the exquisite carvings. In spite of the damages inflicted by time, earthquakes and...

Cities, Culture and Art / 30.09.2014

A deep blue sky, dotted here and there by bright white clouds, welcomed me in Ferrara, one of the many enchanting cities of the Emilia-Romagna region. At first sight, the city appeared to me like an elegant woman, classic and classy, gorgeous and at the same time discreet.    Related read: 10 Reasons to Add Emilia-Romagna to Your Bucket...

Cities, Culture and Art / 25.06.2014

Can you imagine an ironworks plant being a UNESCO World Heritage Site? As an Italian used to the archaeological wonders in Rome, or magnificent Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque buildings, the idea of the Völklinger Hütte - after all, an industrial facility - sounded a little weird. Don’t get me wrong: I’m fascinated by old, abandoned and crumbling places. I loved the ghost...