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Cities, Culture and Art

Cities, Culture and Art / 30.05.2014

Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and more than thousand deers strolling freely in the park: amazing Nara took my breath away. [caption id="attachment_18173" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Todai-ji Temple Daibutsuden Hall[/caption]Founded in 710 A.D., Nara's development was strongly affected by influences from China and Korea and the city soon became the cradle of future Japanese culture and architecture. Unlikely many cities of Japan, ravaged...

Cities, Culture and Art / 11.04.2014

Once an industrial site, whose waters were sadly affected by the poisoning from chemicals and waste in the 1970s, Naoshima island is now best known as a rather unique site for modern and contemporary art. It all started in the late 1980s, when the Benesse Corporation - a leading Japanese education and publishing  company - launched the...

Cities, Culture and Art / 01.02.2014

Less than 10 km from Alberobello, the delightful town of Locorotondo looks very different from the village famous for the trulli, the traditional whitewashed dry stone huts with their typical conic-shaped roofs. [pullquote]Charming and laid-back, Locorotondo is listed as one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy[/pullquote] It may not have the UNESCO WHS status of  Alberobello,...