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England Tag

Lodging Experiences / 01.05.2011

The window is not overlooking Florence, as in the famous novel by Edward M. Forster and the acclaimed film directed by James Ivory. Still the Waterhead Boutique Hotel, with its magnificent view on the Windermere Lake, brought my memory back to that very special ambience so wonderfully described in 'A room with a view'. [caption id="attachment_4697"...

Cities, Culture and Art / 26.11.2010

I just read it in the news: in the first week since their catalog was made available on Apple's i-Tunes store, The Beatles recorded 2 million single songs downloads and more than 450,000 albums sold. Impressive! [caption id="attachment_5914" align="aligncenter" width="463"] The Beatles, Scotland, 1964. © ROBERT WHITAKER[/caption] There is no way of thinking at the Beatles without...