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Lodging Experiences / 01.10.2013

From outside, it's just another modern - and rather impersonal - building, but as soon as I set foot inside Mama Shelter Marseille my first reaction was… WOW!Giant I-Macs, a carpet with a huge sardine (which, I discovered later, is one of the symbols of Marseille), smiling young people at the reception desk wearing an unconventional and funny apron. It was just the beginning of one of the best hotel experiences in the last years. With Mama Shelter Marseille, it was love at first sight I entered my room welcomed by a wonderful late afternoon light, piercing through the wide...

Lodging Experiences / 04.09.2012

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end my South East Asia trip than spending the last day at the wonderful Banyan Tree in Bintan. Also, I was very curious since I had heard many times about the Banyan Tree from a good friend of mine who stayed at a few resorts and talked about them enthusiastically, and I was thrilled for having my first chance to experience it.Set in the lush jungle on Bintan Island, a bare hour by speed boat from Singapore, and overlooking a secluded bay, the Banyan Tree Resort is a perfect choice for a...