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Travel Postcards

Travel Postcards / 25.07.2013

Gentle hills, green fields, yellow hay and the purple spots of the lavender fields, wandering through Provence countryside is pure bliss. Everything in Vaucluse, the Department of Provence encompassing Avignon - the "City of Popes", Orange, and the famous Mont-Ventoux,  invites to relax and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of rural France. There's not much glamour in this area of Provence, and that's...

Travel Postcards / 16.07.2013

As the 4x4 car arrived at the Colca Canyon, I couldn't help humming Simon & Garfunkel's 'El condor pasa', one of the songs which market my childhood. [pullquote]Colca Canyon, home to the condor amidst a wonderful scenery[/pullquote] The Colca Canyon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Peru, being the best spot to see closely...

Travel Postcards / 14.07.2013

Turin is famous for its superb baroque architecture, like in Piazza San Carlo, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. It is however also the city which skilfully converted many industrial buildings into creative, and often awesome, structures, some of which now host contemporary art Museums of great interest. Then there is the middle earth. Old...