Candies and Chocolate: Tickle Your Sweet Tooth


Candies and Chocolate: Tickle Your Sweet Tooth

Would you say that I am not much of a sweet tooth? Seriously, if I have to choose between most salty food specialties and candies, I easily go for the first ones.

Candies and Cakes

How beautiful, colored and creative are candy  shops?

Still, I am attracted by candies and chocolate, although in a different way. I like the artful fashion in which chocolate candies are displayed, the bright colors of candies and other sweets.

It looks like bonbons, jelly beans and chocolate can stir a lot of creativity and confectionery shops are often a treat for the eyes (if not for the  palate).

Chocolate Boxes

When I visited Flanders last year I couldn’t help stopping at the wonderful confectionery shops, displaying colorful boxes of chocolates looking like miniature sculptures, delightful small bags of yellow, orange, green, pink and purple candies. I may not be a sweet tooth, but I could have bought them all, just for how lovely they are.

Belgian Chocolate Box

I grew up in Switzerland, where chocolate is the national iconic sweet and the rivalry with Belgian chocolate an endless – and unsolvable – dispute. I couldn’t tell which one is best. I like them both and love, from time to time, to indulge with a delicious piece of chocolate.

Candy Bags Belgian Pralines

In Bruges, I visited the Chocolate Museum where I discovered the fascinating history of chocolate, learning that cocoa was already a popular drink in ancient Mexico. After seeing so many inviting chocolate boxes and bags, it was nice to know where chocolate comes from and how it has become such a undescribable and sophisticated delicacy.

Belgian Cuberdons

Have you ever heard of the Belgian cuberdons?

Along the streets, in the lovely city of Ghent, I stumbled into a charming cart filled with strange purple candies, shaped like cones. Intrigued, I stopped by and the vendor, spotting my curiosity, introduced me to the Belgian cuberdons, also called Ghent noses because of their appearance.

Made of sugar, Arabic gum and syrup they don’t make a for a sweet tooth, but a super sweet one! So, although they are very popular in Belgium, I eventually decided to just look and not taste. Too luscious for me!

Chocolate Pralines

Spain is certainly not acclaimed as a country for candies and chocolate, still in Barcelona I came across a handful of charming shops, displaying any kind of sweets and macaroons with brilliant colors.

Colorful Macaroons

Interestingly, compared to the cozy traditional confectionery boutiques I spotted in Flanders, candy stores in Barcelona were more modern, trendy and fashionable. No matter. In their way, they were charming all the same.

Are you a sweet tooth? Where did you have the best candies and chocolate?


Note: A big thank you goes to Visit Flanders and their kind invitation to discover a corner of Europe I hadn’t visited yet. It was gret to look at cuberdons without having to eat them!



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  • Clare Appleyard
    Posted at 23:08h, 15 August Reply

    Love this post Simon! I’ve got such a sweet tooth it’s ridiculous and my mouth is watering at all the wonderful photos!

  • Paul
    Posted at 14:21h, 07 March Reply

    This is possibly one of the best food/travel blog updates ever (the fact that I’m a travelholic and chocoholic might have something to do with my bold claim ;))

    Really amazing photos. What kind of lens do you use for your food photos?

  • Leigh
    Posted at 15:37h, 04 March Reply

    Your photography in this piece is amazing – and the colours don’t look real. This is one mouthwatering post!

  • Spencer
    Posted at 01:12h, 04 March Reply

    That is my idea of Heaven! It looks amazing.

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