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Cities, Culture and Art

Cities, Culture and Art / 10.08.2012

A journey to Costa Brava, with its beautiful coast, delightful hamlets and lovely landscapes wouldn’t be complete without visiting Girona, the capital city of the province.[caption id="attachment_10382" align="alignnone" width="599"] Girona, The Barri Vell[/caption]With its tidy and well-preserved historical centre and the relaxed atmosphere, Girona is likely to rapidly win your heart and you might end...

Cities, Culture and Art / 05.06.2012

Eccentric, highly imaginative, ironic, egomaniac, excessive, provocative, so many adjectives have been applied to Salvador Dali’s multi-faceted personality of and none can properly define him because Dali is all of them altogether and much more.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="599"] Dali House, Interior[/caption]There’s no better way to understand Dalì’s long and prolific artistic career than a journey to...