Ghent, Little Gem of Flanders

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Flanders, Ghent Old Houses


There’s something moving in the beauty of Ghent, a little gem of Flanders that should be included in every itinerary through Central Europe.

Wandering through Ghent, once I reached Graslei and Korelei the perfect beauty left me speechless.

The city is full of awesome corners and beautiful old buildings, but once I reached Graslei and Korenlei, the perfect beauty that appeared in front of my eyes left me speechless. It was like seeing a painting by one of the famous Dutch artists, only it was real. The rays of sunshine filtering through the clouds only added to the charm of this unique spot, one of those images that will remain deeply impressed in my memories.

I was excited to discover Ghent but would never have suspected to see such a wonderful and vibrant city, a place where art – under all its possible forms – feels at home. I was lucky to assist to ‘Odegand‘, the opening event for the Ghent Festival of Flanders, celebrating music of the world. During the entire day, Fado, Jazz, Classical, Flamenco and many more musical genre are performed in the most beautiful venues throughout the city until the peak moment: the evening music and lights performance at Graslei and Korelei, followed by spectacular fireworks.


Note: I was kindly invited to discover the awesome city of Ghent by Visit Flanders. However, my enthusiasm is uniquely the result of drinking excellent beer 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Ghent, Little Gem of Flanders”

  1. This definitely looks like a place I would enjoy. I love the ornateness of the architecture–I can see why you said that it reminded you of a painting. I went to Brussels and Bruges and really loved what I saw of Belgium, but there’s obviously much more to see.

    • I’m a wine lover too, Murissa, but beer in Flanders is truly special and something that anyone should absolutely taste. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I’m sure you’d fall in love with Ghent, Leigh. And thanks for letting me know about the captcha. indeed, I used the lovely plugin you also have. Maybe I should change the subject 🙂

  3. I’ve only seen Brussels in the rain. This place looks great.
    PS I’m having a hard time with the captcha – gave up on the last comment after 4 tries.


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