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GREECE / 11.07.2013

Fashionable and incredibly pretty, Mykonos Island immediately caught my heart.[caption id="attachment_15418" align="alignnone" width="600"] The Iconic Mykonos Windmills[/caption]The main destination of this trip was Folegandros, but since the flight arrived in Mykonos and I had anyway to wait the following day for the boat,  I seized the chance and decided to stay a couple of days. [pullquote]I...

GREECE / 27.05.2012

Thinking of Greece, the first things that come in mind are islands, beaches, deep blue water, archeological sites. There is a hidden gem, though. The art of gastronomy represented by the New Greek Cuisine, blending creativity with love for high-quality local ingredients. Launched in 2006, Sani Gourmet pays a wonderful tribute to this new gastronomic movement. The Festival, taking place in May...