Postcards from Maratea, Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea

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Maratea Coastline

Atop the hill dominating the jagged coastline, the white Christ of Maratea brought my memories back to Rio de Janeiro.

From here, the view on the sea is breathtaking. There’s no big city below, though. Maratea is a small town and the only one in the Basilicata region overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Maratea Turquoise Water

Albeit stretching along only 32 km of coast along the Tyrrhenian, Basilicata boasts gorgeous glimpses. Jagged shores, little coves, turquoise and deep blue waters, and the waves breaking on the rocks.

Maratea Coastline

Maratea is strongly linked to my childhood. My father was from Calabria, the region bordering Basilicata from the south, and when I went to visit my family by train I always anticipated the moment when I could have a quick glimpse of the wild coast and the crystal-clear water.

Maratea Wild Coast

Every time, I felt speechless looking at this breathtaking landscape and for years I dreamed of visiting Maratea one day.

It took me decades, but I eventually came to discover the ‘Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea’, as Maratea is often called. It’s a seascape like I love it: wild and untamed, with the mountains almost falling in the water. A short but wonderful stretch of coast.

Maratea Sea


Note: Thank you to Can’t Forget It (aly) and APT Basilicata for the invitation to discover the Basilicata region and the opportunity to discover one of the places that most stroke my imagination as a child. Opinions, as always, are only mines. 


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    • It was lovely meeting you, Manuela. Pity we did not get to visit Maratea together. And if you have the chance any time soon, don’t miss to go and see this beautiful stretch of wild coast.


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