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PERU / 26.03.2010

[caption id="attachment_5903" align="alignleft" width="599"] Musicians in their Traditional Costumes[/caption]Peru is an amazing country for culture, dramatic landscapes, variety, colors, handicrafts and people. [pullquote]Peru traditional costumes are one of the most fascinating aspects of the country[/pullquote] I was so fascinated by their traditional costumes, an important part of Peruvian culture as they mark the differences between regional areas...

PERU / 09.02.2010

When I stepped on the magic Taquile Island, I felt as if time had stopped [caption id="attachment_6777" align="alignleft" width="479"] Awesome Little Girl in Taquile[/caption]No, it was even more than that.It was as if time was suspended and this contributed to the beauty of the island.The walk leading to the town is beautiful and my eyes wandered...