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Sea & Beaches

Sea & Beaches / 01.07.2010

Cearà homes wild and untamed beaches, fishermen and local life. There's no glamour. Only the real spirit of Brazil In the collective imaginary, sea and beaches are mostly evoking white sand,  crystal clear water and palms.  I don't deny being under a spell when thinking at the Maldives or the Caribbean islands, but I'm more and...

Sea & Beaches / 03.06.2010

Declared a Natural Reserve in 1996, the archipelago of the Jardines de la Reìna in Cuba is an amazing wilderness area and a paradise for diving and fishing.Surrounded by mangroves, the lagoon houses lots of awesome wildlife: herons and pelicans, crocodiles, eagle rays, tarpons, nurse sharks and lots more. And then secluded and deserted beaches,...

Sea & Beaches / 06.03.2010

Baìa do Sancho is one of the most beautiful beaches in Fernando de Noronha, the amazing island over 500 km away from the Brazilian coast.The view from the top of the cliff is awesome, especially at sunset. The beach is accessible by boat or from the top of the cliff by ladders fixed in a rock split....