Delightful Break With a Local Flavor in St Albans and Hertfordshire

If you’re looking for a short (and why not long?) break from London, St Albans and Hertfordshire make a perfect choice.

St Albans Verulamium Park
St Albans, Verulamium Park. Photo by Simon Falvo

Indeed, the historical town of St Albans and the surrounding countryside  have a lot to offer, as I recently experienced during a lovely blog trip I’ve been invited to by Andy Jarosz.

Together with 4 of my favorite European bloggers, we’ve been wonderfully driven through this enchanting area and our journey was spiced up by a very pleasant local flavor.

St Albans Verulamium
St Albans, Verulamium. Photo by Simon Falvo

We started by enjoying a walk through the awesome Verulamium Park, standing on the ruins of the Roman city Verulam. The splendors revealed by archaeologists, on top of all the wonderful and finely composed Roman mosaics, can be admired in the Verulamium Museum, a little jewel well worth a visit.

We’ve been led through the most important masterpieces of the Museum by Elizabeth of St Albans Tour Guides, who provided us with very interesting insights on the archaeological site and mosaic techniques spiced up by a lovely sense of humor.

St Albans Waffle House
St Albans, Waffle House

Since we all had a very early wake-up, useless to say that we were starving!  We thus headed toward the ‘Waffle House ‘, where we had a delicious lunch. The Waffle House is a piece of history, being located in a 16th Century watermill very well preserved.  Definitely, a place full of charm and a good choice to stop for lunch, dinner or simply a drink.

St Albans Cathedral
St Albans Cathedral. Photo by Simon FalvoS.

The excellent waffles had a miracle effect and once our forces regained, we continued our exploration of St Albans.

The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans is probably the town’s most famous landmark. Built on the site where Alban, the first martyr of the Christian era, was buried around the end of the 3rd Century A.D., St Albans Cathedral shows an awesome mixture of romanesque and gothic styles, as well as some remarkable paintings.

St Albans Black Lion Inn
St Albans, The Black Lion Inn. Photo by Simon Falvo

A bit tired, we headed back to have a drink at  The Black Lion Inn, a traditional local pub and guesthouse where Gail and her staff made us feel like locals after only a few minutes.

St Albans Fireworks
St Albans Fireworks. Photo by Simon Falvo

After a drink all together at the bar and a hot shower, we were ready to head towards Verulamium Park, to watch St Albans Annual Fireworks, in celebration of Guy Fawkes Night. The fireworks were so spectacular that we were not surprised to hear that the celebration attracted more than 20,000 people. If you happen to be in the area on November 5, I highly recommend to envisage an evening (and why not an overnight?) in St Albans to enjoy the amazing fireworks.

Walking in Herefortshire Countryside
Walking in Herefortshire Countryside. Photo by Simon Falvo

The following day we jumped on our minivan – so kindly provided by St Albans Car and Van Rental – to have a walk on the delightful hills of Hertfordshire countryside.

Driving and Walking in Herfortshire
Driving and Walking in Herfortshire. Photo by Simon Falvo

Anna and Ben from Tourdust organized a perfect day out. After our lovely hike – another truly local experience of British unpredictable weather – we headed to Ivinghoe for a well deserved traditional Sunday roast at the Rose and Crown pub.

Traditional Sunday Roast
Traditional Sunday Roast. Photo by Simon Falvo

Then, a surprise! A lovely short walk through the quirky Whipsnade Tree Cathedral,  where Anna’s husband Ben and their three awesome children were waiting for us with a thermos of delicious warm mulled wine. That’s life! 🙂

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral
Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. Photo by Simon Falvo


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13 thoughts on “Delightful Break With a Local Flavor in St Albans and Hertfordshire”

  1. St Albans sounds like a great place to visit in the month of November

    • Indeed it is! Autumn colors are simply awesome!

    • I like a lot hiking and loved the tour. Would definitely recommend it to everyone! And I hope to come back soon to explore a bit more of this wonderful area!
      Hugs and thanks again for the lovely walk!

  2. I love reading posts from England’s country side… it makes me miss home a bit though. Sounds like you had great fun in St Albans 🙂

    • I knew very little about England countryside and was amazed by its beauty. I can easily imagine that you miss such a lovely scenery…
      Yes, we had great fun… The company was absolutely great, all the people and local service providers who kindly supported this awesome trip have been wonderful so it was an amazing experience!
      I hope to go back soon in St Albans and explore some more of this lovely region.

  3. So sorry I missed day one, it sounds great! And those are beautiful photos…

    • Yes, we missed you the first day, Abi. But there’s a fantastic solution: we can all go back to St Albans, and also with Nellie! 🙂

  4. Your tour round St Albans sounds wonderful. I believe that about once a month at the Verulamium Museum they have Roman soldiers displaying the fine art of Roman warfare. Lucky you didn’t get caught in the middle of an ambush!

    Your images are stunning. Definitively a place to visit.

  5. If you guys heasd down the south coat, towards Bournemouth and Poole then drop me an email. I’d be happy to show you around 🙂


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