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Nature & Outdoors / 14.12.2012

New Plymouth and the coastal walk are nothing worth crossing the ocean, but the town has a nice easy-going allure and the walk along the coast is peaceful and in some points offers rewarding views on the ocean and the surrounding nature.I decided to head towards East, giving the back to New Plymouth harbor whose...

Travel Postcards / 17.11.2012

 Now that my journey to discover New Zealand is rapidly approaching my memories are going back to Australia, Sydney skyline and the wonderful view of the city from the sea. [pullquote]The view of Sydney skyline and of the iconic Opera House from the sea is one of the most lovely sights of the city. [/pullquote] It was such a...

Travel Postcards / 13.03.2012

 I couldn't have imagined my wild journey in New South Wales without seeing the vineyards in Australia and spending a couple of days strolling through the gentle hills. We stopped in Orange upon the suggestion of a local Aussie in the Blue Mountains and it proved to be an excellent choice. Excellent food, awesome wine,...