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Travel Postcards / 13.01.2012

Enshroud by the many legends related to King Arthur, to which it owes its name, Arthur's Seat is the main peak of the group of hills forming Holyrood Park, from which the wanderers can enjoy a beautiful view on Edinburgh.I was lucky enough to see Arthur's Seat at sunset, strolling through Holyrood Park at the end...

Travel Postcards / 28.11.2011

 Art lovers and the ones passionate about unusual, quirky collections are likely to fall in love with the fascinating Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow.Loose yourself in the 22 themed galleries where you can admire 8000 objects displayed in a very originally fashion. One of my favorite was 'Floating Heads', the installation by artist Sophy Cave.More on Glasgow:  The Gleaming New Iconic...

Cities, Culture and Art / 05.06.2011

Once at the forefront of Heavy Engineering, with a prominent know how and innovation capability in shipbuilding and marine engineering, Glasgow succeeded in realizing an admirable metamorphosis in the early 1980s, positioning itself as a city of culture, art, design and creativity.[caption id="attachment_4856" align="alignleft" width="595"] The New Iconic Riverside Museum in Glasgow[/caption]Named European City of...