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Travel Postcards / 08.02.2012

When strolling around Cape Town Waterfront it happens quite often to stumble on musicians and dancers performing in the streets. Usually dressed in colorful clothes, they sometimes have their faces and part of their body nicely decorated, as this African dancer.Their singing, dancing and overall performing is very entertaining and a pleasant way to spend...

Adventure / 28.01.2012

After several years of dillydallying, I recently made up my mind and went for a solo journey through South Africa.[caption id="attachment_7395" align="aligncenter" width="599"] Awesome View from the Amphiteater Backpackers[/caption]What had held me for such a long time was the idea that it was a difficult country to travel alone, and by public transportation. Moreover, being...

Cities, Culture and Art / 26.12.2011

I couldn’t think at a journey through South Africa and a stop in Johannesburg without visiting Soweto, the largest township home of huge contrasts and the place where the battle for freedom against the Apartheid began.[caption id="attachment_6965" align="aligncenter" width="599"] We Wont Move. Protesting against the forced leaving of their homes.[/caption]Today the area around Vilakazi Street,...