The Stunning Sulamani Temple Paintings
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The Stunning Sulamani Temple Paintings

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [3]

The Stunning Sulamani Temple Paintings

Every country has its travel iconography and Burma ancient architecture is mostly identified with the gilded Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas in Yangon and Bagan’s valley of temples.

The beauty and richness of Bagan, however, is not only in the pagodas and hollow temples’ beautiful structure and in the exquisite carvings. In spite of the damages inflicted by time, earthquakes and general neglect, the Sulamani temple (as well as a few others) houses stunning paintings that should not be missed.

Baga, Sulamani Temple Frescoes

Reclining and seated Buddhas, finely decorated elephants, characters holding lotus flowers, and other scenes whose meaning I could not understand but found beautiful.

Burma, Bagan, Sulamani Temple Painting

Sulamani temple paintings: Buddhist scenes in sparkling red

Following the Buddhist symbolism, red is the dominant color, combined here and there with green and yellow.

Albeit part of the temple seems to have been decorated since it’s building, in the 12th Century, most paintings visible today are later creations, dating from the 18th Century.

The corridors inside the Sulamani temple are narrow and there’s not much light. Enough to admire the beauty and harmony of the wall paintings, inadequate to take good photos. Still, I couldn’t help crystallising these images of such unexpected beauty.

Bagan, Sulamani Temple, Buddha Fresco

Bagan, Sulamani Temple, Buddha

An area of the temple whose wall paintings I found particularly admirable showcased a different style (clearly from another artist and possibly from a later period). More complex scenes, exquisite details, lighter colors (although this might be a result of time and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were originally way more brilliant).

Burma, Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [2]

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [6]

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [3]

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [7]

Near a window two richly adorned elephants, the symbols of mental and physical strength, impressed me for the delicate style and the sense of serenity as if to show that mental strength is the way to reach peace of mind and composure.

Bagan, Sulamani Temple Frescoes [11]

Outside, another glance at the stunning architecture of the Sulamani temple. With its wonderful wall paintings, it made for one of the finest examples of Burma’s art.


If you wish to see how the most beautiful temples of Bagan look like, you might enjoy: The temples of Bagan, as far as the eyes can see





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  • Noah
    Posted at 07:01h, 22 August Reply

    Great to see something from Bagan other than the outside of its (mindblowing) temples. Awesome to see what’s inside for a change!

  • Sand In My Suitcase
    Posted at 03:10h, 28 July Reply

    We just returned from Myanmar a couple of months ago, and Bagan really took us by surprise. We knew about its 3,000+ pagodas. But we didn’t know that you could walk inside some of the temples – and, indeed, that some have beautiful paintings like you’ve described and shown here. The Sulamani Temple was our favorite too :-). Lovely photos…

    • Simon
      Posted at 11:24h, 28 July Reply

      It’s always interesting to hear from other travelers’ experiences and I’m glad that you shared my surprise when looking at the beauty hidden inside the temples.

  • Bethany Avenoir
    Posted at 09:41h, 27 July Reply

    Such amazing and gorgeous photographs! Would love to see Temples like these.

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