Touareg in Algeria

Algeria, Touareg

Touareg in Algeria

Algeria, Touareg

I rarely take photos of people. Not because I don’t like portraits, on the contrary. I guess this is part due to my shyness and also because taking people of people makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure how to approach them, and I’m often afraid to invade their privacy.

There are however a few circumstances when I feel like overcoming my embarrassment, as it happened during my wild journey in Algeria. Our guide was an awesome Touareg. How could I have helped taking a pic?

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  • John
    Posted at 13:00h, 10 February Reply

    I feel the same way. When I look at the clich├ęd photos of wrinkly old men I look at them an think, they have character but that they are also being used as a bit of a freak show. Normal looking men in their twenties or forties are not normally the staple of these portrait photographers. It is fine taking a photo of a weird looking building but to take a photo of a person because they are wizened with age and sun does not sit right with me.
    I think the protocol is that you should always ask before taking someone’s photo as a portrait. This will lead to them becoming self concious and an unnatural photo can result.
    This portrait doesn’t fall into any of the areas I have problems with.

    • waitinginthedark
      Posted at 15:43h, 10 February Reply

      Thank you for your comment John. What you describe – people possible being used as a bit of a freak show – is exactly what makes me feel bad and, most of the times, unable to shoot portraits.

      Protocol, as you point out, is to ask. But again, I don’t like either the idea of people accepting just in exchange of money. It makes me feel bad. As if I was buying a little piece of themselves…

  • Anna
    Posted at 16:07h, 31 January Reply

    Love this picture. I am the same, always feel uncomfortable taking pics of people. Don’t want to invade or objectify. See when it is right, it is right! Awesome shot.

    • waitinginthedark
      Posted at 16:11h, 31 January Reply

      Thank you for your kind comment, Anna. It’s good to know that you share the same feelings. Glad that you like the shot. Hope you’ll stop by again soon. Cheers!

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