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Travel Musings

Travel Musings / 27.02.2012

I reckon this happens to everyone sooner or later.You’re traveling to a place you’ve long dreamed of, maybe visiting a famous landmark or experiencing what you imagined as the trip of a lifetime. Then you suddenly realize that something simply doesn't click and you start thinking “is that all?”. Or, even worse, “what am I...

Travel Musings / 25.09.2011

No matter the season, nature is always fascinating. Or so do I feel. Mountains or beaches, smooth hills or glaciers, desert or forests, I am wild about untamed landscapes.[caption id="attachment_5402" align="aligncenter" width="597"] Magic Algerian Desert[/caption] Maybe because I grew up in a small mountain village in Switzerland I could never got really used to the city...

Travel Musings / 27.04.2011

There's always a 'first time' and mine came just a few minutes ago. I arrived at Heathrow Airport to take my flight back from London to Milan and went directly to the automatic machines for the check-in. "Need additional data" was the message displayed. "All right, no worries. Let's ask a British Airways assistant".[caption id="attachment_4672"...