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Travel Postcards

Travel Postcards / 29.03.2016

My trip to Japan was the fulfillment of a dream and I wanted it to take place in Spring when nature awakens and the Sakura flowers - the cherry blossoms - are in full bloom.It's more than a wonderful natural show, though, for in Japan the Sakura season and Hanami - the tradition to enjoy admiring...

Travel Postcards / 07.01.2016

Happy New Year!One year ago, more or less these days, I was planning my trip to Argentina. It was a long-dreamed destination, which climaxed when I eventually saw the glaciers: the majestic Perito Moreno (definitely a must-see) and the lesser-known Upsala glacier, which can be reached only by boat.It was my first encounter with a glacier from...

Travel Postcards / 14.03.2015

Parma is famous for its beautiful monuments and excellent food, but colors were the first thing that struck me. Yellow, pink, green, orange, red, make this small city of Emilia-Romagna (a less-known region of Italy which has so much to offer) a joyful place and it’s no wonder Parma is considered one of the prettiest towns in...