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Travel Postcards

Travel Postcards / 25.07.2013

Gentle hills, green fields, yellow hay and the purple spots of the lavender fields, wandering through Provence countryside is pure bliss.Everything in Vaucluse, the Department of Provence encompassing Avignon - the "City of Popes", Orange, and the famous Mont-Ventoux,  invites to relax and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of rural France.There's not much glamour in this area of Provence, and that's...

Travel Postcards / 04.06.2013

No country I visited until now has the power of the Algerian desert at sunset and sunrise. Colors certainly play a big role, and the view on the dunes and the rocks getting golden, orange and pink, under a sky becoming of an increasingly deeper blue, is  mesmerizing. [pullquote]The beauty of the Algerian desert is indescribable....

Travel Postcards / 16.05.2013

An easy hike starting in Arolla, through the meadows and the forest, a few huts darkened by the sun and then, suddenly, the Lac Bleu with its bright blue, green and turquoise colours. Surrounded by the mountains where the warm autumn shades make a wonderful tapestry, the scenery from here is idyllic. All of a sudden,...