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TRAVEL TIPS / 02.07.2010

At the beginning, I was a great fan of low-cost airlines. They disrupted the air travel market, broke the monopoly of traditional airlines on specific routes, introduced a stronger competition resulting in lower airfares. For the ones who, like me, are wild about travel, the introduction of low-cost carriers had been welcomed as a fabulous...

TRAVEL TIPS / 10.05.2010

As a mountain lover, I'm wild about hiking but I rarely find a companion to share my passion. This means that I often go for solo, wild walks which is good in one way, because I can hike alone at my pace, stop whenever I want to take a photo or simply admire the landscape,...

TRAVEL TIPS / 30.06.2009

I found myself travelling alone on many occasions, sometimes in difficult countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala, Morocco, Nepal, where you might have to face safety problems, health diseases or frequent nuisances for being a woman without a companion.The fact is that I'm far too wild about travel to give up travelling only because I...