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UNITED KINGDOM / 06.08.2012

The hipster city of Brighton showcases so much stunning street art that it's more than enough to lick one's chops. St George's Mews, in the North Laines, is like an open-air gallery but there are examples of graffiti and wall paintings almost everywhere, including the decorated old phone junction boxes.Some of the bright graffiti have been painted by...

UNITED KINGDOM / 31.01.2012

I arrived in Brighton under a grey and rainy sky, so to speak not the most favorable conditions for a first visit to a new place, even less a seaside resort. Notwithstanding, as soon as the bus who drove me from Gatwick Airport entered the city, my first thought was: ‘How pretty!’.[caption id="attachment_7477" align="aligncenter" width="599"]...

UNITED KINGDOM / 17.12.2011

I am mostly an independent solo traveler, hence usually not a big fan of organized tours. However, there are occasions in which a guided tour is an excellent option, as in big cities. Wonder why? Here are 5 reasons why I suggest experiencing a city walking tour.1. Getting the big picture I can't imagine anyone not feeling...