Combining a solid 9 years experience in a leading international PR agency with a passion for travel writing and photography, I can provide a strategic approach to communication as well as a deep knowledge of new media and social networks.




Digital Marketing Campaigns

Simon worked on several Digital Marketing Campaigns alongside DMOs, PR agencies, and iambassador (of which she is a member since its inception).

She handled the Project Management for BlogVille Lombardia in 2014 and 2015, and for the year-long #inLombardia365 campaign in 2016. She also collaborated with Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board on multiple projects, both as a Project Manager and storyteller.

As a blogger, Simon worked with numerous DMOs, including South Africa, New Zealand, Visit Britain, Lombardia, and Emilia-Romagna.


Workshops/Public Speaking

Companies in all industries are more and more aware of the importance of digital communication to promote their brand, products, and services.

Simon held workshops on Social Media for several international companies as well as at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, the International Private University for Fine Arts in Milan).

Simon also delivered sessions and keynote speeches at several bloggers Conferences and events/trade fairs in the Tourism industry, both in Italian and English.

Public speaking experience includes TBU in Nantes, Travel Blogger Elevator in Genoa, BIT in Milan, TBDI in Rimini.


Storytelling and Content

There’s nothing like passion for inspiring people.

Simon shares her passion for travel, storytelling, and photography on Wild About Travel and also provides quality content for the websites of Tourism Boards and companies in the Travel Industry (and beyond).

Among others, she wrote several articles for IMQ Notizie (an Italian house organ with more than 10,000 readers), and she wrote articles and stories for the UPM Design (Finland), Motor Valley (Italy), and Food Valley (Italy) websites.



Inspiration is increasingly visually driven, and photography can be powerful in arousing emotions and sparking people’s wanderlust.

I like images to capture the beauty I see around me, but also to show the truth. That’s why my approach to post-processing is to enhance pictures, while keeping them natural.


Social Media Amplification

Social Media play a relevant role in boosting Brand Awareness and to promote products and services.  More importantly, social media allow to listen to your customers and interact with them.

The challenge, however, is finding the right platforms, share appealing content, and getting noticed in a noisy environment.

Simon can help you creating engaging campaigns on social media (e.g. Twitter Chats, temporary “takeover” of a social account).


Brand Ambassador

Customers are increasingly influenced by like-minded people, with whom they relate and identify.

Brand Ambassadors can be an important asset, provided that there is a relevant match for both sides. That’s why Simon – although frequently asked for collaborations – wishes to focus on brands, products, and services which are relevant to her and her audience.

A hint? Outdoors apparel and gear, travel insurance, light packing, solo traveler gear, communication tools (portable hotspots, etc.) and, of course, photography (tripods, lenses, cameras, etc.).


Contact me

simon [at] wild-about-travel [dot] com


Before getting in touch, please note that:

I don’t sell links.

I don’t write about places I haven’t visited, experiences I haven’t done, gear I never used.

I am keen to collaborate with companies, products or services that are of interest to me and my readers.

Thank you for your understanding.


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