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Travel Postcards / 27.12.2012

I had read so much about the wonderful sight of  the Bagan temples at sunset but unfortunately the weather was unfriendly so I didn't manage to see it. Still, the view of the stupas and pagodas under an ominous sky held an undoubtedly charm.Strolling across Bagan temples in a horse-drawn cart, the clouds coming and going were a...

Travel Postcards / 11.12.2012

 There's probably no better way to visit the many temples of Bagan than hiring a horse-drawn carriage. The driver slowly led me through the many pagodas, some of which were really impressive not only outside but also inside, showcasing beautiful paintings, like the reclining Buddha at the Sulamani Temple. [pullquote]Often overlooked, Nat Taung Kyaung wooden Monastery...

Travel Postcards / 28.11.2012

With their bright-colored headscarves, Pa-O (or Pa-Oh) women are easy to spot at one of the many markets taking place every day in a different spot around Inle Lake, one of the highlights of Burma. [pullquote]With their heads covered by bright orange or red headscarves, beautifully arranged, Pa-O women are an unexpected touch of color.[/pullquote] They sell...