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Cities, Culture and Art / 30.05.2014

Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and more than thousand deer strolling freely in the park: amazing Nara took my breath away.[caption id="attachment_18173" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Todai-ji Temple Daibutsuden Hall[/caption]Founded in 710 A.D., Nara's development was strongly affected by influences from China and Korea and the city soon became the cradle of future Japanese culture and architecture.Unlikely many cities of Japan, ravaged across...

Travel Postcards / 03.05.2014

Wonder what was one my favourite activities in Tokyo? Chasing Tokyo style in the hipster areas of Japan's capital city.The best place to see the typical Tokyo style? Takeshita-dori on a Sunday There's no city for 'people watching' like Tokyo, and no place like Takeshita-dori and the area of Harajuku, in the Shibuya District. A tiny pedestrian street lined with...

Travel Postcards / 09.11.2013

Smiling kids, women at the market or working in the fields, craftsmen making lacquerware objects, monks in the streets and the temples: the people of Burma are usually gentle, often shy, still rooted to their traditions although rapidly changing, perhaps not for the better.They live in difficult conditions and often they  work very hard, included the...