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Charming Towns / 23.10.2014

Most will know the name from the delicious cheese but Gruyères, where the cheese origins, is a charming medieval town of Switzerland.Gruyères, the typical Swiss village of our imagination Nestled in the Alps, surrounded by gentle mountains and overlooking the verdant valley, Gruyères is idyllic and epitomizes the typical Swiss village.Strolling along the main road, flanked by the...

Travel Postcards / 16.05.2013

An easy hike starting in Arolla, through the meadows and the forest, a few huts darkened by the sun and then, suddenly, the Lac Bleu with its bright blue, green and turquoise colours. Surrounded by the mountains where the warm autumn shades make a wonderful tapestry, the scenery from here is idyllic. All of a sudden,...