Purple is the Color of…

A photographic journey where purple is the color of….

A lotus in Burma

Purple Lotus

Round eggplants beautifully displayed at the market

Purple Eggplants

An old Cadillac in La Havana

Purple Cadillac

Luxuriant orchids

Purple Orchids

A colorful house in Singapore

Purple House

An adorable bicycle, decorating a shop in Bergamo

Purple Bicycle

Scented lavender at London’s Borough Market

Purple Lavender

A beautiful Vespa, decorated by an artist

Purple Vespa

In the common belief, purple is the color of spirituality, imagination and creativity, and in history it has been frequently associated to royalty. Stemming from a blend of blue and red, psychology has often considered purple as the color of balance between opposites.

When I stopped to think about the color purple, I realized how rarely I have seen it during my travels, no matter if the destination is a city or nature. It looks like we are surrounded by only a few little spots of purple here and there, and it took me some time to dig into thousands of photos to sort out a few where this beautiful color was present.

How much purple did you see in your travels?


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5 thoughts on “Purple is the Color of…”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous images! I got together some photos of purple the other week for FriFotos, but then never put them up. Never thought of making a post out of them! Well done 🙂

  2. Great collection…I am with Leigh…love the purple bike! The artwork on the vespa also gorgeous! Very nice. As for the meaning behind purple…I thought it signified royalty. Not sure where I heard that.


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