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Cities, Culture and Art / 16.10.2015

The majority of tourists think of Milan as the place for  business and shopping, but there are neighborhoods - like Distretto Isola - where one gets surprised by Milan.[caption id="attachment_24226" align="alignnone" width="750"] Milan - Daily Life at Distretto Isola [/caption] “Isola" means island and the district’s name originate from the construction of the railway which, in 1865, divided...

Cities, Culture and Art / 05.09.2015

It’s the capital of Appenzell Innerhoden Canton, the smallest in Switzerland together with Basel City, but don’t expect a city, since Appenzell is nothing more than a town counting less than 6,000 inhabitants. Appenzell, the town of the Landsgemeinde Appenzell is well-known for its colorful houses with painted facades and as one of the only two towns...

Food & Wine / 12.06.2015

Whether it's art, architecture, beautiful landscapes or food and wine, Italy never ceases to amaze me. Whenever possible, I try to visit lesser know regions like the superb and wild Basilicata in Southern Italy, or unusual towns like the lovely Porretta Terme in Emilia-Romagna.Italy is a country of incredible diversity, and there are many regions which I...