Why is the Beauty of Silence so Underrated?

No matter the season, nature is always fascinating. Or so do I feel. Mountains or beaches, smooth hills or glaciers, desert or forests, I am wild about untamed landscapes.

Magic Algerian Desert


Maybe because I grew up in a small mountain village in Switzerland I could never got really used to the city life in Milan, even though I’ve been now living here for 30 years. It took me some time to fully understand why, then I got it. What I can hardly stand in a city is  the noise. This is probably one of the reasons why I could never really appreciate Asian capitals, while I enjoy Barcelona, Rome, London because they have pedestrian areas and promenades where I can enjoy a stroll in a relatively calm environment.

There are places and moments of such an absolute beauty that no words are needed.

It is however when I am in the wild that I feel the full power and beauty of silence.

I like hearing at the sound of the wind, the lightly storming leafs, the birds’ songs, the rhythm of my breath. I want to catch all the things nature is telling me. I want to enjoy all the beauty surrounding me, keeping it stuck in my memory.

White pure beauty
White, pure beauty

It appears, nevertheless, that I belong to a minority. When I was in Algeria, camping in the desert, I had to face every morning a little group of travel companions talking loudly about shallow things while I was admiring, speechless, the raising sun coloring the dunes in pink.  Often, when I’m hiking in the mountains, I hear people talking between themselves at a very high volume and I just wonder… why?

There are places and moments of such an absolute beauty that no words are needed. These are the moments when I cherish silence at most, because I can concentrate on all my senses and let them go, freely, to be nurtured by the wonders surrounding me.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that silence enhances the experience. Words can be spoken…. Afterwards…




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19 thoughts on “Why is the Beauty of Silence so Underrated?”

  1. I agree when you say that there are raw beauty that no words are needed and for someone who cames from a city who uses motorcycles as public transport, silence is indeed a luxury

  2. Lovely post. I, too, enjoy the beauty of nature and silence. While I enjoy cities for a few days, I think I’m happiest when I get out into the country or some sort of wilderness area or desert. It’s where I find real peace.

  3. Very poetic, your writing really made me stop and think. Living in the city I rarely experience complete silence. When experiencing nature with others, we shouldn’t need to talk.

  4. Silence is truly golden especially when you don’t have it. I live downtown Toronto and wear ear plugs at night to sleep. Get me out in the Canadian wilds however and I sleep like a baby sans plugs. I think all earth’s creatures need quiet to truly R&R. I’ve even caught our little feline needing a bit of peace.. curled in a ball with her paws covering her ears.

  5. beautifully written… and i agree with you… growing up in an asian capital city, i never had experience silence and calmness… there’s always something going on around me… it is thru my travel that i found the joys in just being still and silent and enjoying the moment… thanks for sharing your thoughts

  6. I love this post…and i completely agree with you. We were in the Amazon rainforest just the other night and hearing the sounds of the creatures was the best part for us….we didn’t need to sit around the fire and talk with everyone else….we just wanted to listen.

  7. Thank you for writing this – I feel the same way. When I hike I like to do it as silently as I can – even internally I like to simply regard what I am viewing without remark.

    You write “Words can be spoken… Afterwards…”. That feels exactly right – thank you!

  8. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, I feel the same way. I love the energy of cities, but when I’m in nature, I want the opportunity to be fully immersed in it. I’ve been in similar situations where fellow travelers have drowned out beautiful natural sounds or moments with excessive talking or loud music. People could get so much more out of nature if they just let themselves experience it!


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