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Travel Experiences

Nature & Outdoors / 15.04.2013

Awarded  as 'the prettiest village of French Speaking Switzerland' by a local magazine,  as soon as I saw Evolène it was not difficult to understand why. [pullquote]Charming old houses decorated with colored flowers. Evolène is an idyllic hamlet in the Valais region[/pullquote] Far from the glamour of Zermatt or Saas-Fee, Evolène is all about traditions and authentic...

Nature & Outdoors / 15.01.2013

A hike in the forest, amidst fascinating countless shades of green The thought of the countless shades of green came up to my mind short after I arrived in  New Zealand. Together with the rugged coastline, the unique greenery of New Zealand caught my eyes at fist sight. [pullquote]Green is New Zealand dominant colour[/pullquote] From the iconic silver fern to the giant kauri trees of North...

Nature & Outdoors / 14.12.2012

New Plymouth and the coastal walk are nothing worth crossing the ocean, but the town has a nice easy-going allure and the walk along the coast is peaceful and in some points offers rewarding views on the ocean and the surrounding nature. I decided to head towards East, giving the back to New Plymouth harbor whose...