Comacchio, Enchanting Canal Town

Poorly connected by public transport, out-of-the-way from the routes connecting the main towns of Emilia-Romagna, Comacchio is a little-known gem of northern Italy.

Comacchio, Enchanting Canal Town

The cities and towns crossed by canals are charming and picturesque, aren’t they?

I’m not thinking of Venice’s uniqueness (don’t believe to characterizations like “the Venice of the north” or south or whatever, there’s no city in the world that can even remotely compare), but at places like Amsterdam, Bruges, Ghent, Copenhagen and many more. Even in Italy, there are a number of canal towns beyond Venice which are lovely and much less crowded.

Comacchio Colored Houses

Comacchio, Crossing the Bridge

Comacchio, a delightful canal town built on thirteen islands.

Located on a lagoon of the Po delta, not far from Ravenna and Ferrara, Comacchio was built joining together thirteen small islands and developed across the centuries around its main resource: water.

I visited Comacchio at the end of October and could hardly believe  my luck: an almost perfect blue sky and the wonderful light of autumn when the lower sun highlights shadows and colors.

Comacchio, Lovely Canal Town

Strolling along the canals on a weekday in low season, I could hardly have gone more local and I bet there were no more than a handful of tourists if any. Comacchio was peaceful, a little sleepy and gorgeous.

With the exception of a few houses, the architecture is simple but lovely. After all, for centuries Comacchio’s economy was based on fishing (the town is famous for marinated eels) and salt manufacturing, thus the humble lifestyle.

Comacchio, Blue and Orange Reflection

Simplicity is what won my heart.

Colorful houses reflecting in the canals, small bridges, pretty al fresco cafés and restaurants; every corner is picturesque. Comacchio, you’re such a charming town!

Italy, ComacchioComacchio, Canal and Boats

Comacchio, Simple Charm

Comacchio, Lonely Boat on the Canal Comacchio Restaurants With a View

Comacchio, Upside Down in the Canal

Little Bridge in ComacchioComacchio, Emilia-Romagna

Comacchio: Getting there

Especially in low season, it’s quite hard to reach Comacchio without a car (there are a few more buses in Summer). About 50 km from Ferrara and 32 km from Ravenna, it’s perfect for a day trip.

Map Ravenna-Comacchio Map Ferrara-Comacchio


Note: Emilia-Romagna Turismo kindly provided me with a private car and driver to reach Comacchio from Ravenna. Opinions and enchantement are my own.


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    • Thanks, Christina. We are indeed blessed in Italy. There are lovely places everywhere, only a few kilometers away.

    • Well… Venice is unique but it’s true that somehow Comacchio reminds of some Venice canals off the beaten track.


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