5 Fantastic Things to do at Alpe di Siusi (Dolomites)

One of the most scenic spots in the Dolomites, the Alpe di Siusi (or Seiser Alm in German) offers a broad array of activities that goes far beyond skiing and hiking, as it once used to be in mountain resorts. No matter if winter sports or hiking are not your thing (they are among my favorite activities but we’re not all the same, right?), discover 5 fantastic things to do while enjoying the unforgettable scenery surrounding the Alpe di Siusi.


1. Learn how to cook Knödels

Knödels – or Dumplings – are one of the most traditional dishes in Südtirol and a local specialty that shouldn’t be missed. With Franz Mulser,  the Chef at the Gostner mountain hut, you can take a cooking course to get all the secret revealed for perfect salty or sweet dumplings. And, weather permitting, you’ll take your cooking class outside, amidst the amazing surrounding landscape.


The recipe and the final taste are all the most delicious that Franz uses fresh ingredients like the mushrooms he had just picked up and the dumplings are cooked on an old wood stove.  Taking a dumpling cooking class is a great way to spend a few hours with friends or family and you’ll amaze your guests with something really special once back home.

2. Experience paragliding and see the dolomites from a different perspective

Dolomites-ParaglidingFeel a little thrill and look at the mountains and the valley below from the heights, for an unforgettable experience.

Paragliding may sound scary but it’s not as frightening once you’re up in the air. The feeling of freedom is so great and the view over the Alpe di Siusi is so awesome that if you just wish a bit of adventure it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss. If you wonder how paragliding feels like, have a look at the photo-story of my exhilarating paragliding experience. It might help you decide to ‘take the jump’.

3. Discover the fascinating history of coffee with Italy’s first coffee sommelier

We probably all know about wine sommeliers but… a coffee sommelier? As strange as it may sound, becoming a coffee sommelier is very hard and requires a lot of studying explained Valentin Hofer, who became the first Italian coffee sommelier .



At Caroma (unfortunately, the website is only in German), the shop created by Valentin Hofer, you can taste incredible coffee and cappuccino, choose among a wide variety of coffee to buy and discover the fascinating history of coffee, including lots of interesting facts on the popular beverage, the different qualities, the importance of beans selection and roasting and what a sophisticated process lays behind a ‘simple’ cup of coffee.

4. Savor a farmer’s lunch in a historical farmhouse

Cosy and intimate, Gasthof Tschötscherhof immediately gained my heart. This 500-years old farmhouse, set in the lovely hamlet of St Oswald, is a little gem of the Alpe di Siusi and an oasis of peace. In the warm and welcoming restaurant, we had a wonderful lunch, savoring the products of Tschötscherhof:  authentic farm cheese, organic speck, delicious home-grown vegetables and excellent wine from their vineyards.



Everything organic has become increasingly fashionable in the latest years, but there’s no desire to be trendy at Gasthof Tschötscherhof, only the proudness towards old traditions and the desire to preserve them as much as possible. The strong ties with the past of this awesome region and the hard work of the farmers are visible in the small museum adjacent to the farmhouse. Objects and working tools of the farmers’ everyday life are collected with love, reminding us of times that are not so far away.

5. Experience full mountain life at the Dibaita mountain hut

Overlooking the Sciliar mountain range, the Dibaita mountain hut is a wonderful spot for a total immersion in the  atmosphere of the Dolomites.



Cozy 4 people bunk-beds rooms, a wonderful terrace and excellent cuisine make Dibaita hut a great choice to enjoy a wonderful time at the Alpe di Siusi. From there, you can choose from the many hiking trails or head down to the close-by Compatsch, to catch the bus connecting the various spots along the plateau, or hire bikes, skis and other equipment. It’s a great option to leave all the stress aside, immerse yourself in nature and relax in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes.

What are your favorite activities in the mountains?


Note: Warm thanks to Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm Marketing for the invitation to spend a few days in one of the lovelies region in Italy. As you know, the Dolomites are among my favorite places in the world so they did not have to convince me 🙂 




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  1. This posts brings back so many good memories Simon. We should definitely plan a time when we can come back and do more hiking. Thanks for the mention.


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