Purple and Green: Across the Lavender Fields in Provence

Smooth hills, green trees and the purple spots of the lavender fields. As I drove across this enchanting landscape I thought that this was the essence of Provence, the way I had always imagined it.

Provence Lavender Fields

On the rolling hills, lavender fields look like a lovely purple wave

Lavender fields are in full bloom in July, at the peak of Summer, the spikes dancing gently under the breeze, diffusing their intoxicating smell.

Provence Lavender Fields

The bushes perfectly aligned create a beautiful geometry, and when the fields are slightly rolling, it’s like looking at a beautiful, purple wave. It’s a landscape to savour slowly, on foot or by bike, stopping at a lavender farm to discover all the properties of this awesome plant.

Provence Lavender Fields

The beauty of the lavender fields is completed by the charming villages dotting the area, like Sault and its local street market, or the small but enchanting hamlet of Aurel.

There’s no glamour in this area of Provence, and that’s what caught my heart. Here people are kind, warm and welcoming, the rural life and traditions are still strong. Everything is gentle around the lavender fields, a little oasis of peace.

Provence Lavender

Useful information:

Getting there: The nearest airport is Marseille while the closest city connected by high-speed train (TGV) is Avignon. From there, you can rent a car since it’s the only way to stroll around (unless you decide to do a tour of the region by bike).

Things to do: Visit a distillery, take a tour by bike (traditional or electrical), visit the street market in Sault (in the morning), have a stroll in charming Aurel, have some wine tasting, visit local small producers of excellent jams, honey, and more. And don’t miss to spend at least one day in wonderful Avignon,


Note: I was kindly invited by Atout France Italy and  Provence Guide  to discover Provence and the Vaucluse area, thus realizing a dream since I had never seen the lavender fields and this area of southern France before. As always, opinions, thoughts and emotions are only mines. 


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12 thoughts on “Purple and Green: Across the Lavender Fields in Provence”

  1. Lavender… It’s the scent, the color of my wedding. We got married in September but my life love so much this flower that we decorated everything with it. Unfortunately not in the Provence but in Mikulov southern Moravia.

  2. Great photos. Its looks cool and one of those things I have put on the long finger for too long I think. The smell must be wonderful

  3. wow amazing! Unfortunately i went there in september, not the right period to see the lavander fields in full bloom. A reason to go back and visit other part of Provence:)) congrats for the pictures, very beautiful! ciao Andrea

  4. Your photos are wonderful! With that much lavender I would expect the scent of lavender to be in the air. Was it? Been in France many times but never had the chance to visit Provence. It is going on my “visit next time” list for sure.

    • To be honest, Magdalena, I couldn’t say that there was much scent in the air, but as soon as you enter a shop, then the scent of lavender gets wonderfully intoxicating. Glad to read that you plan to visit Provence soon, it’s such a beautiful region.

  5. I love lavender, its smell, its colour and its properties! This place looks like a little osasis of peace as you describe it. These photos are beautiful and make me want to visit Provence, as I have not been there. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure you would fall in love with Provence. It has a charm that is hard to describe in words, since it’s subtle and gets under your skin, in a subtle way…


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