World’s Most Dangerous Roads: The 4WD Track to Fairy Meadows [VIDEO]

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the chances are that at some point you searched for the world most dangerous roads. And you probably found out that one of them is in Pakistan.

I’m talking about the 4WD track to Fairy Meadows, a 12 km non-metalled road at an altitude of 3,300 m (10,827 ft). From Raikot bridge, it takes about 2 hours to reach Tatto, the tiny village surrounded by green terraces and the start of the trekking to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp.

The track, which was built long ago by the villagers, is winding, rugged, and so narrow that vehicles coming from opposite directions can cross only at selected points. Only well-prepared Jeeps and expert drivers can ride up this track. There are no barriers to protect from the steep cliffs, and even a slight error could be fatal.

The drive is bumpy, shaky, and spine chilling, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Except for the moment when we stopped to replace a flat tire, taking photos from a jolting Jeep is impossible, but I put together a video.

Quivery… Of course.

One of most dangerous roads in the world: the thrilling drive to Fairy Meadows



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