The Spectacular Restonica Valley in Photos

Restonica Gorges

The Spectacular Restonica Valley in Photos

A narrow gorge carved by the creek, rocks sculpted by the wind and the pine trees towering like silent guardians: the Restonica Valley is simply spectacular.

Rocks Sculpted by the Wind

With its dramatic beauty, the Restonica Valley is a must-see in Corsica.

Stretching for about 15 km from the pretty city of Corte, the Restonica Valley is one of the most scenic spots in Corsica, one of those places that should not be missed. The road is very narrow, making the drive quite an adventure in Summer, for the gorges are very popular not only with hikers but also families spending a day out with the children along one of the many pools for a refreshing bath.

Restonica Valley

I drove my small rented car, enchanted by the stunning landscape around me and hoping that no big vehicle would come from the opposite side since I had the feeling that passing each other would be a matter of millimeters. I wanted to drive as little as possible and was glad when I soon found a spot large enough to park the car nearby a hiking trail.

Restonica Valley, Corsica

I chose a hiking path randomly and started to walk without a special aim. All I wished was enjoying the dramatic scenery and the spectacular views, the ominous clouds giving depth to the blue sky. Having dropped off the most popular hikes, I soon found out that I was almost alone, apart from a couple wanderers. It was pure bliss, and one of the highlights of my road trip.

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Corsica Mountains

Rocks carved by the wind

Corsica Restonica Valley-6

Old pine trees dancing in the wind

Corsica Restonica Valley-8

The dramatic view on the Gorges

Corsica Restonica Valley-10

Ominous clouds decorating the sky

Corsica Hiking Corte

Natural sculptures

Corsica Restonica Valley-7

The sky gets darker and darker

Corsica Hikes

On the way back

The Restonica Valley

Corsica, Restonica Valley

The beautiful typical Mediterranean greenery

Corsica Restonica Valley

One last glimpse at the spectacular landscape

Restonica Gorges


Note: During my journey across Corsica I benefited from a complimentary car by Auto Europe. I decided the itinerary, where to stop and what to do and opinions, as always, are my own.



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    Posted at 12:54h, 09 March Reply

    […] nearby Restonica Valley is breathtaking and well known for its beautiful hikes, with nothing but a wild scenery to admire […]

  • Suzanne (Travelbunny)
    Posted at 13:28h, 25 August Reply

    Love the drama of those clouds – gorgeous shots.

    • Simon Falvo
      Posted at 19:03h, 25 August Reply

      Thank you, Suzanne. Corsica is a truly special place, with such a variety of landscapes and amazing opportunity to take good photos!

  • Traveling Ted
    Posted at 22:58h, 22 June Reply

    Wow, this area looks a lot like the desert mountains of Big Bend where I just returned from. Very craggy and rocky mountains just like this. Amazing photos.

  • St├ęphanie
    Posted at 10:25h, 18 June Reply

    Lovely photos Simon, they really convey the sense of peace and serenity that you have experienced.

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