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Travel Musings / 10.09.2013

Protests in Egypt, violence and criminality in Venezuela, nuclear contamination in Japan, sexual assaults in India and Brazil, conflicts in many Muslim countries, war in Syria, Iraq and so on.[caption id="attachment_15856" align="alignnone" width="600"] Jornada del Paro Nacional del 26 de Junio, convocado por estudiantes, mineros y portuarios - 26 de Junio del 2013. Santiago, Chile....

Travel Postcards / 04.04.2012

The 52 km long Cape Peninsula, leading to the Cape of Good Hope through a wild landscape of roughed beauty, is a place you shouldn't miss if visiting Cape Town. The best way to enjoy Cape Peninsula? Definitely walking or riding a bike! More reading: Cape of Good Hope: Wild, Windy and Fascinating ...

Travel Postcards / 25.02.2012

 I was walking randomly through Cape Town centre, as I often do when exploring a city, when I stepped into this huge colorful zebra. Being wild about street art, I couldn't help stopping to take a few pictures and admiring for a while the awesome drawing, shapes and colors.Apparently people working or living close-by have...