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Travel Postcards / 25.06.2013

On a good day, the best panoramic view on Brindisi waterfront is from atop the Italian Sailor Monument. From here, the sight stretches at a wide angle, encompassing the pretty houses of the old town and the sailing boats neatly moored.Often overlooked as a possible destination in Puglia - the Italian region that corresponds with...

Food & Wine / 29.03.2013

When I go out for dining, one of my favorite food treats is 'fritto misto', a mix of deep-fried seafood. Although it may seem a very simple and common dish, finding a restaurant in Italy serving a really good 'fritto misto' has become quite a challenge. [pullquote]Seafood 'fritto misto', an Italian delicacy but finding the right place is not easy[/pullquote] Deep-frying...

Travel Postcards / 11.11.2012

Framed by the Pilgrims' Arcade (the 'Portico dei Pellegrini') San Vincenzo al Volturno Abbey is one of the most remarkable historical landmarks in Molise. Although largely rebuilt, the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, framed by the Pilgrims' Arcade, still holds a certain charm The Monastery dates back to the 11th-12th Century A.D. but its decline started already in...