Unmissable Day Trips from Porto: The Ultimate Guide

Are you having holidays in Portugal and looking for the best day trips from Porto? Look no further and start reading! There are many exciting excursions from Porto, and whether you’re interested in nature, history, or food, you’ll indeed find the right one for you.

Porto is one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, full of history and culture. With its cobbled streets, colorful buildings, delicious food, and lively atmosphere, it’s easy to see why people flock here in droves! 

As I experienced during my 10-day trip to Portugal, the country is full of diverse and beautiful sights, so if you spend more than two days in Porto, a day trip is an excellent way to explore more of this beautiful country. 

If you’re looking for a natural getaway and want to taste some of Portugal’s best wines, head to the Douro Valley. Here you’ll find rolling hills and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Portugal Guimaraes

If you’d prefer to tour historical sights, then head to Braga and Guimarães, or Aveiro and Coimbra.

So there you have it – some of my favorite day trips from Porto! And read further to find out about more exciting excursions from Porto. Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or stunning natural sights, there’s something here to satisfy every traveler. So what are you waiting for?

Best day trips from Porto

Day trip from Porto to the Douro Valley, including Boat Tour, Wine Tasting, and Lunch

Are you looking for a unique and exciting day tour from Porto, Portugal? Look no further than the Douro Valley, hands down the most beautiful day trip from Porto! It’s the perfect destination for an excursion from Porto, as it offers visitors the chance to explore some of Portugal’s most captivating sights. And on this excursion from Porto to the Douro valley, you’ll also get to taste Portugal’s delicious wine and enjoy a relaxing boat tour on the river.

Portugal Douro Valley
Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is an area of stunning natural beauty, with its meandering river, rolling hills, lush vineyards, and rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, the Douro Valley is home to the UNESCO-protected winemaking region, which has been producing port wine for centuries. Port is one of the oldest wines in the world. It has a unique flavor and sweetness due to the addition of distilled grape spirit, such as brandy, during its production.

On this full-day guided tour, you’ll get to explore two unique locations in the valley, enjoy samples of Port wine at each stop, cruise along the Douro River on an hour-long boat ride, and have a traditional Portuguese lunch with typical products from the region. Add to this that there’s an optional hotel pick-up and drop-off service, and the tour is available in several languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. So why not make plans today to experience this breathtaking destination? You won’t regret it!

Braga and Guimarães Full-Day Trip from Porto

Are you eager for an unforgettable day trip from Porto to explore Portugal’s history and culture? Look no further than the Braga and Guimarães day trip from Porto! This full-day guided tour offers visitors the chance to explore two of Portugal’s most fascinating historical towns – Guimarães and Braga – while taking in some of the region’s breathtaking natural landscapes in the Minho region.

First, you’ll visit the city of Guimarães – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered by many to be the birthplace of Portugal. Here you can admire the stunning medieval castle of Guimarães, which serves as a reminder of this city’s rich history. You can also spend time wandering in the historical center at your leisure. There’s plenty to explore here, including medieval castles, churches, and gorgeous gardens.

Portugal Braga
Braga, Portugal
Braga, Portugal

Next, you’ll head to Braga to explore its gorgeous cathedral, historical center, and the stunning Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary. This city is full of ancient churches, charming cobblestone streets, and plenty of hidden gems waiting to be explored.

To top off this fantastic day trip, you can taste some of Portugal’s local delicacies at a traditional restaurant for lunch – a great way to experience the culture. If you decide to book this tour, remember that lunch is optional. Also, consider that hotel pick-up is possible (a real plus), but you’ll have to contact the activity provider in advance to confirm and make arrangements.

So why not make plans today to experience this unforgettable journey? It is sure to be an experience that you will remember!

Aveiro, Paiva Walkways, and Arouca Suspension Bridge

How about a day trip from Porto combining adventure with relaxation, nature with a delightful town, and traditional Portuguese food? 

The exciting and unique guided tour to Aveiro, Paiva Walkways, and Arouca Suspension Bridge is likely what you’re looking for! This full-day trip allows visitors to explore some of Portugal’s most captivating sights, including the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, the Arouca 516. 

Paiva Walkways Portugal
Paiva Walkways
Aveiro Portugal

You’ll start with a thrilling walk across the Arouca 516, which spans 516 meters (1,699 feet) and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The bridge is a great place to take photos and admire its impressive engineering feats. You will then walk along the stunning Paiva Walkways, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Beware that the scenic 8-kilometer (5-mile) long boardwalk is rather steep, so you must wear appropriate shoes. A traditional Portuguese lunch will reward you for your efforts.

In the afternoon, you can relax on a boat ride through the charming canals of Aveiro, wandering at your leisure and tasting one of the city’s delicacies, soft eggs. To end this exciting day, you’ll visit Costa Nova fishing village with its picturesque wooden houses in bright striped colors.

The Aveiro, Paiva Walkways, and Arouca Suspension Bridge day trip from Porto is the perfect choice to discover more of Portugal’s beauty with a small group tour (max. 8 participants). Additionally, most activities are included in the price, and getting a hotel pick-up is possible.

So why not make plans today to experience this unforgettable journey?

3 Douro Valley Vineyards Tour with Lunch

Are you a wine lover and Port wine enthusiast? Then get ready for an unforgettable day trip from Porto in one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful wine regions. The 3 Douro Valley Vineyards Tour with Lunch is the perfect way to go! 

Discover the secrets behind crafting Portuguese wines on this full-day small group tour (limited to 8 participants). Explore breathtaking landscapes, admire lush rolling hills and vineyards, visit three different wineries for an inspiring wine-tasting experience, and sample some excellent local wines. Enjoy a delicious lunch of authentic Portuguese flavors that will tantalize your taste buds! 

Douro Valley Portugal
Douro Valley

The tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from Porto or Gaia, making it even more convenient for you to explore this beautiful region. Plus, most activities are included in the price – so it’s great value for money!

So why not make plans today to experience this unforgettable journey? It is sure to be an experience that you will remember for many years to come!

Santiago de Compostela Full-Day Tour From Porto

If you’re passionate about cities and towns steeped in history, then look no further than the Day tour from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. This full-day guided tour is perfect for exploring one of Spain’s most important pilgrimage sites – Santiago de Compostela! 

Spain Santiago de Compostela
Spain, Santiago de Compostela
Spain Santiago de Compostela
Spain, Santiago de Compostela

Visit key attractions such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where you will learn about the cult of St. James of the Greater Saracens. Wander the city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and get to know this beautiful city better. On the way back to Porto, you’ll get the chance to discover Valença do Minho, and its impressive fortress, a marvel of gothic and baroque military architecture. 

The tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off in the city center of Porto and all activities listed in the itinerary. It is available in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese – so you can learn about Santiago de Compostela in any of these languages!

From Porto: Small Group Day Tour of Geres National Park

Discover the beauty of one of Portugal’s most famous parks with a Day tour of Geres National Park, an unusual day trip from Porto! This full-day tour is perfect for nature and outdoors lovers, providing a unique journey to Peneda-Gerês National Park, the only Portuguese national park. With a small group tour limited to a maximum of 12 participants, you’ll get the chance to discover some of the park’s hidden gems, such as its famous Tahiti Waterfalls, where you can refresh swimming amid beautiful scenery.

Peneda Geres National Park
Peneda Geres National Park
Peneda Geres National Park
Peneda Geres National Park

Admire stunning views from Pedra Bela’s viewpoint. Depending on weather conditions, enjoy a picnic in a remote location or at a typical restaurant for lunch. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear and clothes before setting off, as you’ll be exploring the area for most of the day.

The tour includes hotel pick-up from Porto and all activities listed in the itinerary. You can thus get the whole experience without worrying about organizing anything yourself.
With such amazing sights to see, this excursion from Porto is likely to become an unforgettable journey.

Aveiro and Coimbra Small Group Tour, including a River Cruise.

Experience the unique culture and beauty of two incredible cities on the same day when you join Aveiro and Coimbra small group day trip from Porto. This full-day guided tour is perfect for those looking to explore two Portuguese gems but have limited time.

Start your journey with a visit to Aveiro, known as “The Venice of Portugal.” Stroll through its picturesque canals and admire the colorful buildings along its riverbanks. Stop by some local cafés before taking a relaxing cruise on the Aveiro River.

Coimbra University
Coimbra University

Next up is Coimbra, Portugal’s old capital. Take a guided tour of the medieval old town and the historic University of Coimbra, home to remarkable buildings such as the Joanina Library and Royal Palace (entrances included). Indeed, Coimbra is such a gem that it would be worth having more time to fully enjoy it. But at least you’ll get a taste of this charming city.

The tour includes hotel pick-up in Porto (if you wish) and is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. Beware that the entrance and visit to the interiors of the Joanina Library and the Royal Palace are optional. Still, I strongly recommend including these unique landmarks, as you would miss out on two authentic gems.

With this Day tour from Porto, you will surely enjoy a memorable journey through two cities with centuries of history.


Wrapping things up

Porto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, and it’s no wonder why. Day trips from Porto give visitors a chance to explore the stunning Douro Valley and its unique wines, remarkable cities such as Braga and Guimarães, with their centuries-old history, and natural wonders like Geres National Park. With so much to see and do, these day tours from Porto are the perfect way to make the most of your stay in Portugal. 


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