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Switzerland Tag

Nature & Outdoors / 19.10.2015

There's no greater pleasure for an autumn hike than the colours. Year after year, as yellow, orange, red explode and the landscape shines with bright and warm tints, I can't help thinking at the wisdom of nature, offering a colourful treat before winter, when the mountains are white and cities too often are grey.I captured this photo last year...

Cities, Culture and Art / 05.09.2015

It’s the capital of Appenzell Innerhoden Canton, the smallest in Switzerland together with Basel City, but don’t expect a city, since Appenzell is nothing more than a town counting less than 6,000 inhabitants. Appenzell, the town of the Landsgemeinde Appenzell is well-known for its colorful houses with painted facades and as one of the only two towns...

Travel Postcards / 19.12.2014

In 2014 I decided to slow down and travel less. I felt tired, wished to work on other projects and most of all I wanted to focus on quality more than quantity. That meant travel slowly, taking more time to explore smaller areas, discover beautiful places not far from home, having time to take better...