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Cities, Culture and Art / 02.11.2015

I started being more seriously interested into street art a few years ago, after a trip to Brighton where for the first time I saw some seriously beautiful and creative murals.It might sound strange to many, but in Italy, we’re often plagued with senseless graffiti which are nothing more than vandalism and little quality street...

Travel Postcards / 10.06.2012

Street Art is ubiquitous in London East End and makes this neighborhood a very lively and colorful  area.With its colorful paintings - some of them truly beautiful - on walls, doors, shutters, strolling along the East End is like walking through an open-air museum. No magnificent buildings here, but lots of traces of hip culture. Another side...

Travel Postcards / 06.05.2012

I was quietly walking in Potsdam when I stepped into this unsettling graffiti. I couldn't help looking at it and feeling uneasy. What was making me uncomfortable was the Star of David which, to me, is so strongly linked to the Holocaust. Maybe there's nothing wrong with this graffiti, but since my attempts to decipher it were fruitless, I...