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Cities, Culture and Art / 11.04.2014

Once an industrial site, whose waters were sadly affected by the poisoning from chemicals and waste in the 1970s, Naoshima island is now best known as a rather unique site for modern and contemporary art. It all started in the late 1980s, when the Benesse Corporation - a leading Japanese education and publishing  company - launched the...

Travel Postcards / 09.11.2013

Smiling kids, women at the market or working in the fields, craftsmen making lacquerware objects, monks in the streets and the temples: the people of Burma are usually gentle, often shy, still rooted to their traditions although rapidly changing, perhaps not for the better. They live in difficult conditions and often they  work very hard, included the...

Good Reads / 26.10.2013

I owe it to Mirella, one of my best and longstanding friends, if I got to know journalist, travel writer and chronicler Tiziano Terzani. A few pages were enough to understand Mirella's enthusiasm towards Terzani's books as well as her admiration for him as a person, for Terzani is one of the most interesting voices...